6 - Minute Walk test - Protocol The measure explained The aim of this measure is to test walking endurance. It is the distance a person can comfortably walk in 6 minutes at their usual walking speed. A length of 30 meters has been shown to provide optimum distance (Ng et al. 2013) Setting Apr 26, 2013 · The score of the test is the distance a patient walks in 6 minutes. The patient may take as many standing rests as they like, but the timer should keep going and record the number of rests taken and the total rest time. Assistive devices can be used but must be documented. Before the first 6-minute walk, participants also undertook a 1- to 2-mile-per-hour treadmill test to determine whether they needed oxygen during the 6-minute walk test. Each clinical site used the same walking course for all participants, although the length and shape of the walking course differed among centers.

healthy individuals by a 12-minute walk test within a specific period of time. The test was adjusted for the assessment of disability in patients with chronic bronchitis (2); however, since the 12-minute walk was observed to be difficult for patients with respiratory diseases, a 6-minute walk test (6MWT) was alternatively proposed (3).