If you did you painting on a piece of Cling Wrap there are a couple of different options for hanging it. First you can glue you painting onto a sheet of glass using good glass glue and then hang it with suction cups as seen in step 8. You can also glue it straight onto your window. There are a couple of steps to do this. 9.1. STEP 5: Placing the OHP Sheet on a plane horizontal surface and Start coloring using glass colors. Let the painting dry for minimum 12 hours without moving it from surface. STEP 6: Frame the Glass Painting using Aluminum foil or glittering sheet to beautify the effect of glass painting. Ages 3-6. Free Draw allows children to interact with a variety of art supplies, such as markers and spray-paint. With many different colors to choose from, children will be making customized pieces of art in no time!

Jun 13, 2014 路 The full form of OHP sheet is Over Head Projector Sheets. It is majorly used in art schools for oil paints and acrylic paints. - It is also used for food industry and peculiarly for baking and garnishing industry. - The stensiling task projects require these sheets.