The Jupiter Bay Condominium Association is organized as a not-for-profit corporation under Florida Statute Title XXXVI, Chapter 617. It is a multicondominium association, consisting of a master association and eight individual associations -- Jupiter Bay East, West A, West B, West C, West D, West E, West F and Plantation Villas. Apartment and condo house house number signs can be personalized for you to bring an exciting presence to your home. Free shipping over 50 dollars! Brass Gallery. HOA Accounting Cheat Sheet for Basic Financial Statements Accounting in a homeowners association is an important, but often tedious task and usually something that Board members don’t all jump up at once to help oversee. But, whether you like it or not, as a Board member you have the responsibility of understanding what the numbers mean to help

The co-op or condo unit must be the owner's primary residence. Co-op shareholders and condo unit owners: please tell your board or managing agent if the unit is your primary residence so that you can receive the abatement. You must have purchased the unit on or before January 5 to qualify for the abatement for the upcoming tax year.